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Microsoft Teams PBX with Simple Telecom

If you have invested in Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, Teams PBX is your cost-effective and highly flexible phone system for your ever growing and mobile team.
Pricing starts at $29 Business Untimed Call Pack + $9 teams interconnect fee per month.
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Increase the Power of Microsoft Teams as a Phone System

Use all the unified communication features built into Microsoft Teams such as: video calling, screen sharing, group chat, instant messaging, document collaboration and file transfer, along with the power of Simple Telecom's Teams PBX, as your main business communication tool.

Simple Service Guarantee

Unlike other service providers offering Microsoft Teams Phone Systems, Simple Telecom offers stability company wide, including service quality and feature options, along with the other reasons why our Customers stick with us.
Cloud Phone Systems with Australian-based Support
Self-serve Management and Reporting Tools
Easy Invoicing and Payments

Our Offer

Simple Telecom can provide you everything you need to turn on calling in Microsoft Teams today via Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.


Pricing starts at $29 Business Untimed Call Pack + $9 teams interconnect fee per month


Calling in Teams refers to the capability of users to make and receive phone calls in Teams with features such hold, blind and safe transfers, and for professionals who manage calling solutions, which makes for great reporting.
Direct Routing allows businesses to choose Simple Telecom as their Cloud Phone Provider to route phone calls in and out of Teams application. It simply enables you to use Teams to make and receive calls.
We offer a range of MS Teams certified handsets from participating technology brands.
Customers will need to have their own Office 365 tenancy and at least one E1 or E3 license. Each user will also require an additional “Phone System” add-on license from Microsoft as part of their Office 365 subscription. If you do not currently have Office 365 or require assistance to configure your tenancy Simple Telecom can provide consulting services.
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When I first looked into getting a 1300 number, it seemed impossible – it looked like I would have to sign up to a plan and pay a huge monthly fee to one of the big Telcos. I was delighted when I found Simple Telecom, and discovered that I could set it all up so easily. Our auto top up account is super-convenient, and the website is easy to use. Technology is a powerful tool for small business, and tools like Simple Telecom help us display a professional brand to the world.

Prosperity Media have used Simple Telecom’s 1300 Number service for several years for our growing online marketing business. We have found the pricing to be great and the customer service to be top notch. Any questions we had were quicly answered via a call or email. The reports provided are also great. If you are a small to medium business looking for a 1300 number or managed answering service, chat to the team at Simple today.

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